Resume Writing


Writing a Resume to Sell You...

Resume writing is part of creating PERSONAL BRAND.  Assistance in:

  1. reworking your resume to fit your style and emphasis

  2. creating a resume that markets you for the position you desire

  3. rethinking your resume with the receiver in mind

  4. knowing how to have a resume that competes in today’s social media world

  5. determining the ways and places that your resume should be posted.

Marinn and Alison have 20 plus years of experience in Human Resources, Business Development, and Finance both with a large corporations and in executive search.

What do employers need and/or want to know? 

What is worth writing?   What should remain unsaid?

Can you re-create yourself after being out of the workforce?

Can you write a resume to switch careers?

A resume should create a future not document a past. Additionally, LinkedIn has become an extenstive tool to develop your market. Let’s make sure you are ready in-person, on-paper and on-line.

What do you want employers to notice about you?
Can you re-create yourself?