Job Search Advice


Ever Feel Like “You don’t know, WHAT you don’t Know?”

When it comes to Job Search, this is often the case.

  1. 80% of Jobs come from Connections.  Do you know how to make Connections - new and old?

  2. Social Media utilizes keywords and SEO.  Does your resume consider this?

  3. Most recruiters use LinkedIn to find their candidates.  Would your profile attract a 6-figure or above job?  Does it have the right keywords?

  4. Are you just letting recruiters read your past and determine your future?

  5. Do you know what they want to hear over the phone?  in an interview?

  6. What salary does your job offer?

  7. How do you keep from just sending resume after resume into a black hole?

Ultimately a job needs to fit WHO YOU ARE or work toward WHAT YOU ARE TO BECOME.

Marinn & Alison can lead you in understanding both the goal and a plan to achieve the goal.

Let Leading Beyond assist you with answers.

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“Many times individuals

are not

prepared for a successful job search.

Either the

average job searcher doesn’t understand what will be required to get a new job


is looking for the wrong type of job for their skills .”

- Marinn Bengel