High School Youth


Is this you?

  1. People asking, “What do you want to do?” 

  2. You thinking, “How do I know?”

Do you need?

  1. A clear vision of your success and possibilties

  2. An initial resume reflecting your classroom, clubs, and other group activities

  3. Discovery of your strengths and natural talents through testing designed by SchoolPlace

  4. Pre-college ideas of extra-curricular opportunities and/or internships chosen to enhance your community, school, and summer experiences

  5. Discussion about decision-making strategies

  6. Investigation of career paths based on your interests and skills

  7. Skills for interviewing and talking about your positive accomplishments and personal success

  8. And much, much more to get you and keep you moving!!!

To discuss more about youth coaching, seminars or speaking opportunities, email marinn@leadingbeyond.com.

Marinn & Alison are gifted for connecting with young people and a passion for assisting young people with exploring who they are and how they can succeed.

“Young People need models,

not critics.”

- Coach John Wooden

Let Leading Beyond assist you with answers.

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