High Level Professionals


Are you are ready to make a change but...

  1. Don’t have a plan for WHAT NEXT?

  2. Have an out-of-date resume that doesn’t represent WHAT YOU WANT or WHO YOU ARE?

  3. Aren’t sure how to use new social media to MARKET yourself?

  4. Need a six-figure or above SALARY and have to be noticed by executive recruiters?

  5. Want PERSONALIZED strategy that captures your essence and places you in the right place?

Let’s GET YOU GOING with a comprehensive, personalized PLAN for your Job Search

  1. Reconnect with what you REALLY want to DO

  2. Get a clear VISION of your success

  3. Plan a STRATEGIC job search to market this vision

With benefits like:

  1. Elevator speech that captures the BEST of who you are and where you want to be

  2. Resume that represents a FUTURE, not just a past

  3. A LinkedIn profile that gets you NOTICED by recruiters

  4. A way of NETWORKING and CONNECTING to get you to the right people

  5. A scoped interview for talking with connections and interviewing to get the job you want

  6. All materials needed to find a job

MOST OF ALL...the Accountability and Encouragement to “Get this Done!!!!”

Email marinn@leadingbeyond.com to set up a time to do a “Job Search Exploration“ conversation.

Let Leading Beyond assist you with answers.

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