College Grads & Students


Is this you?

  1. No idea about classes...

  2. No idea about internships...

  3. No idea about jobs....

  4. No idea how to get a job...

Good News....We have IDEAS that will help!!

We can:

  1. Get some CLEAR IDEAS about what jobs and/or internships match yours skills

  2. Create a PLAN for the Possibilities

  3. Learn how to establish a PERSONAL BRAND by creating your marketing materials (i.e. resume, online profiles)

  4. Teach you how to make CONNECTIONS

  5. Prepare you for INTERVIEWING

  6. HOLD you accountable and ENCOURAGE you!

With our college students and grads, we love to start via Skype or meeting in person. Please email us to set up a “Job Search Exploration” Conversation.

Bonus:  Once you are trained with this Job Search Knowledge, you will always know how to get this done for yourself.




Career Testing  * Resume Writing 

Job Search Advice  *  Interview Skills

Let Leading Beyond assist you with answers.

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