Aptitude Testing



Individuals will learn to:

  1. confirm their overall and specialized work / play habits

  2. show their strongest and weakest abilities

  3. give clear understanding of their leadership, work, communication styles and how to enhance each area

  4. optimize as a team member, leader, manager, and family member

  5. enhance their capability to make decisions about successful career options

  6. define ways for further education and skill improvement

Executive Team Testing - Executives will learn to:

  1. affirm their own personality profile and appreciate the profile of other team members

  2. enhance working together through better communications and valuing one another’s viewpoints

  3. assess where individuals on the team may conflict and where the best opportunities for collaboration exist

  4. strengthen their performance internally and externally with vendors and customers

Youth will learn:

  1. Although the data is geared toward students aged 13 to 20 without real life work experience, the SchoolPlace’s Big Five Factor Model is designed to provide the afore-mentioned outcomes.


Marinn is a certified tester, trainer, and facilitator for the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies (CENTACS).  After extensive research and work with other personality models, Marinn chose the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies based on their in-depth brain research, work life study and proven application.  Marinn supports and uses the Five-Factor Model of Personality called WorkPlace and SchoolPlace.

To email Marinn about working with you on individual or group testing, email marinn@leadingbeyond.com

From Centacs’ Website:

“The Center for Applied Cognitive Studies is a leader in applying the Five-Factor Model of Personality to work and educational settings. Our primary assessment, the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0, is uniquely designed to optimize:

  1. Workplace Communication and Teambuilding

  2. Job Analysis & Selection

  3. Leadership Development & Succession Planning

  4. Executive Coaching

  5. Career Planning

...to learn more…”

Click  www.centacs.com

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